Through the years, the Christian Authors Guild has enjoyed sensational guest speakers for our meetings and conferences. Should you want to contact our past guest speakers and learn more about their writing journey and ministries, we have provided you with links directly to the websites of some of our favorites:

LeAnne Benfield Martin: author, speaker, freelance writer, blogger.

Tara Dillard: award-winning landscape designer, author, former CAG member.   

Jennifer Schuchmann: author, speaker, N.Y. Times best-seller.

Jennifer Spivey: author of Esther: Reflections from an Unexpected Life.

Margaret Mitchell: author, speaker, blogger.

Shelley Hussey: author, speaker, former CAG member.

Amy Wallace: author of Randsomed Dreams and others.

Jane Rubietta: author, speaker, conference founder.

Chris Tiegreen: author, speaker. 

ShelleyHendrix: author, speaker, TV host.

Cecil "Cec" Murphey: writer, speaker, author.

Bryan Davis: author, speaker.

Vonda Skelton: author, speaker, freelance writer.

Emily Osburne: author, speaker, blogger,

Jennifer Devlin: author, speaker, ministry leader,

Edie Melson: wordsmith, speaker, blogger

(partial listing; more to follow)