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Our Meetings

The “LIVE” meetings, held on the first Monday of each month, are targeted with a class/presentation featuring a subject specialist, usually a guest speaker. The topics are timely and are meant to help writers hone their craft. Our speakers address CAG membership on a variety of topics pertaining to the writing/publishing industry. Topics could include: blogging, using social media, self-publishing, writer motivation, mind mapping, better grammar choices, and building a writer’s platform, to name a few.
We welcome visitors, congratulate writers on their successes and submissions, discuss upcoming activities, and often feature an informative class-type presentation. Quarterly business meetings are conducted too. It is an evening for educating and encouragement. Refreshments are served.
CAG encourages members to be involved in critique groups. Fortunately, the same meeting place, Prayer & Praise Christian Fellowship, allows the local Word Weavers International chapter to meet on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. CAG members are encouraged to join Word Weavers if they have progressed in their writing to a level to be considered submission to a publisher/editor.
Visitors are always welcome. Join us to see how CAG can serve you.  

4 thoughts on “Our Meetings”

  1. Cheryl Anderson Davis

    I am a contributing author in the Guideposts newest inspirational devotional Strengthened by His Touch.
    As a long-distance, though long-standing member of CAG, I would like to discuss the possibility of a book signing and/or an opportunity to relate my experience working with Guideposts.
    About the book: Strengthened by His Touch, published December 2022 but just released January 2023 as part of God’s Constant Presence series of devotionals, is a hardback compilation of “accounts from everyday people who experienced extraordinary events that proved to them that the hand of God is indeed at work in their lives.”
    Please contact me if you would consider my request or wish to review a copy of the book before making a decision.

  2. Tanya,
    Starting March, we will meet on the First Monday of the Month which will be Monday, March 6th.
    I’m running a little behind but will be updating CAG’s website tonight.
    Thank you,

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