Sending out a Christian Wave upon a Secular Sea

Upcoming Christian Authors Guild Meet

You’re invited to join our upcoming Christian Authors Guild meeting at our Woodstock location Monday, October 6. Come meet new writers, get inspiration, and plug into your local Christian author community. Visit our location page for information on our meeting place.

Coming Up: Meetings that will a-MAY-ze you

Past Event……………..Meet, Greet, and Critique, May 5

First Monday attendees enjoy a brief business meeting followed by lots of newsy updates –including the latest on the upcoming Catch the Wave Writers Conference in August. After the mid-meeting refreshment break, critiques groups will meet.

May 19… Guest Speaker, Author Beth “I’m A Purple” Fine,Beth Fine - Guest Speaker 5-19

Author Beth Fine has long been a writer of plays, music, verses, and stories. Her popular youth adventure/mystery series continues to pique interest. You can find out more about Beth on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and her personal Personal Blog. Come hear Beth share about her writing journey. Visitors always welcome. Free to all and lots of good refreshments/snacks.

For more details including meeting times and map, see “Meetings” tab above.


Meet the Author Monday, April 21

You are invited to the Monday, April 21, meeting of CAG in Woodstock, GA to hear guest speaker/author Gordon Lawrence.

Gordon Lawrence is the author of Great Men Bow Down – 150 one-page profiles of
great men throughout western culture who have honored God.  Gordon
is the President of Lawrence Design Group, Architects in Lawrenceville, and is a
former pastor, educator and Associate Director for the North American Mission

Picture1author Gordon lawrenceHis new book is generating quite a buzz amongst Christians. For meeting directions see “Meetings” tab on this website.

See link below for a review of his new book:


Happy Birthday CAG!!!

CAG 8th birthday cakeJoin members and visitors Monday, April 7, at 7pm, at Prayer and Praise Christian Fellowship for a special meeting of the Christian Authors Guild as they celebrate their 14th year as north Georgia’s premiere Christian writers group. After a brief business meeting, attendees will enjoy special “mini” presentations by member authors/speakers Cynthia Simmons aRelief Notes covernd Bryan Powell. Also, opportunity to re-order CAG’s new anthology Relief Notes for a deep discounted price will be given attendees. The new release nearly sold out at the recent Coffee & Quill “Mini” Conference. For detail directions, click on the meetings tab above.


Coming Soon: Coffee & Quill

Coffee and Quill Flyer 2014Coffee and Quill Flyer 2014 (Copy)What better way to usher in the new season of renewal than by attending the 8th annual Coffee & Quill “mini” conference for aspiring writers. This special Saturday morning meeting allows attendees a glimpse of what the Christian Authors Guild is all about. Experience an inspirational, entertaining, and encouraging morning of instruction from two great speakers as you learn more about the writing opportunities, fellowship, and fun found in CAG membership.  Book tables, door prizes, gift “goody bags”, and a breakfast buffet abound and are included in the FREE adamission!

Coffee and Quill Flyer 2014

Coffee and Quill Flyer 2014The 2014 Coffee & Quill special meeting is set for Saturday, March 22 from 8:30 AM – Noon, with the breakfast buffet at 8:30. The  C & Q is held at Prayer & Praise Christian Fellowship,   6409 Bells Ferry Rd, Woodstock · (770) 928-2795. For directions and map, see the CAG website at

2014 Coffee & Quill

A special Saturday morning meeting “mini conference” is set for March 22 from 8:30 am- noon for breakfast goodies followed by two top-notch inpirational speakers bound to encourage aspiring writers. For more info please see the Coffee & Quill tab under our CAG website at

Meet, Greet, Critique

Aspiring Christian writers are set to meet on March 3, 7 pm, at Prayer and Praise Christian Fellowship in Woodstock. This monthly meeting is open to visitors and refreshments are served.  For more information about the Christian Authors Guild, please contact

CAG to meet
CAG to meet



Dillard to Dazzle Writers

Pastor DillardPlease plan to attend the February 17 meeeting of the Christian Authors Guild with guest speaker/author George Dillard.

Dr. Dillard, Senior Pastor of Peachtree City Christian Church also just happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ and has a passion for the mission field.

Dillard is also the author of Seven Things That God Desires For Us and The Big Mission. He has been the guest pastor of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Georgia Legislature.

This free meeting is open to all and refreshments are served.  The meeting begins at 7 pm. For directions to the meeting venue, see the CAG website



Fine February Meetings

February is a busy meeting month for the Christian Authors Guild. With so many aspiring writers trying their writing wings (and pens) this New Year, each CAG meeting radiates inspiration and encouragement to all attendees. Open to all.

February 3: Meet, Greet, Critique

General Business Meeting including project updates, new group book launch plans, critique groups and much more. Visitors always welcomed.

February 17: Guest Speaker

Pastor DillardGeorge Dillard – Sr. Pastor, Peachtree City Christian Church
(Chairman of the Board of Actors, Models & Talent for Christ)

With a Doctorate of Philosophy from Evangelical Theological Seminary and 30 years in ministry, George S. Dillard III is the Senior Pastor of Peachtree City Christian Church. He is also the author of Seven Things That God Desires For Us and The Big Mission. He has been guest pastor of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Georgia Legislature. With a passion for the mission field of entertainment, Dr. Dillard leads the AMTC Board.


The Business Side of Writing: Part II by Bryan Powell

dollar sign

Okay, you’re booked in a half dozen locations, that’s great. Congratulations!

If you’ve done your homework and built a platform, you can have a great time talking to your friends and customers.

The question now is, “How do I get compensated? After all, isn’t that the goal (at least somewhere down the list after being a blessing and having fun and getting the word out and creating a wave and all that stuff)?”

Before we discuss the compensation from the retail side, we need to understand the wholesale side. If you are published through a traditional publisher, you need to read and understand the commission split in your contract.

I know it’s hard to read all that fine print, but you need to know it or you’ll end up embarrassing yourself. The one thing you don’t want to do is call your publisher and demand to know why your royalty check didn’t come the day after the end of the first quarter.

Let’s say you completely understand your contract (not). What next?


Know how much you paid for your books on the wholesale side. If you paid 40% of the retail price. That means you make a whopping 60% profit, not bad. It would be better if you could wheedle out of your publisher 35%. That’s the negotiation part of this blog.

I begged my publisher, using all sort of spurious excuses such as: I’m a poor, starving artist, my kids will go hungry if I don’t get a better discount, and I’ll have to put my mother-in-law in a nursing home if you don’t give me a better discount.

To my dismay, he didn’t budge. I was crushed, but he did throw in an extra 25 books. Free I might add. Shew! That was a relief.

Retail Compensation

Some venues will charge a “consignment fee” and others won’t.

  • Let’s start with the coffee shops.
    • They are usually a free event.
    • You make the sale, you keep the money. It’s that simple.
    • Keep a log of your sales and if yours is a sales tax state, be sure to charge the tax and record it in a log book.

If you don’t charge your customers the sales tax, you’ll have to pay it and that comes out of your profit margin.

  • Next, are the independent or new and used book stores.
    • I have been in many and they all do it differently.
    • One store discounts my books 10%, but then pays me 60% of the retail price. They make a 30% profit and I make 20% (if I paid 40% to my publisher).

That’s where profit margins are so important?

  • Next are the Christian bookstores, Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Million and other big and little box stores.
    • If they try to charge you 50%, walk away. 40% is the best you can hope for, 35% is even better, but that’s a rarity.
    • Some bookstores have a “Local Author” corner. This is great because after a signing event, some people who don’t purchase a book when you are there may come back.
    • Being a good steward is vitally important.
    • Never leave your books without making a record of how many books you’ve left, the price, the percentage split, how long they are to stay on their shelves, and when they send out checks. Be sure to get the manager’s signature and make two copies.
    • Make a follow-up call in three months to see how many books sold.
    • Along with your log of venues, create a file of “Consignment Sheets” and look over it from time to time.

Remember, they are your books. No one cares for them as much as you.

  • The next are Fairs, Festivals and Literary Events.
    • Choose your events wisely.
    • What’s it going to cost to rent a 10×10 booth? If it costs more than $150.00, you are running the risk of losing money.
    • If it’s a large event, you may take a chance on it, but it could be a wash.

So What Have We Learned?

Writing a book is only half the fun. The other half is meeting people and signing (selling) your books to an adoring crowd of happy, smiling, anxious readers. But the other side, the Business Side of Writing, is your profit margin.

Don’t back away from your price unless you have a good reason. A poor economy, they are your friends, and you’ve only sold one book today are not good enough reasons to cut your price.

You wrote it, your publisher set the price, so smile, and quote your price.

Now go sell your books!



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