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Coffee & Quill

Coffee and Quill will be a webinar this year.

Mark this date! 
September 26, 2020, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Please ‘sign up’ with an email.

All registered members and guests will be emailed a Link for the webinar.

Guest Speaker: Cheri Cowell

Marketing into Ministry

No one wants to hear about you and your book after the third week of your book’s release, so how do you market your book without talking about your book? Come learn the proven strategy that turns marketing into ministry AND that sells books.

Reprints, Rights, and Rewrites—Getting Mileage out of Your Work

It takes twice as long and ten times the energy to write a new piece than to rework and resubmit that piece again and again. Learn how to get more mileage out of your work in this chock-full-of-tips-and-tricks class.

As an author and sidewalk theologian, Cheri Cowell writes and speaks from a refreshing vulnerability about her own struggles with the deep questions of faith. As a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary she shares her passion to help others apply biblical principles to the sidewalk issues of life. In 2009 Cheri was chosen as one of six Christian journalists for a trip to the Holy Land, a trip that foundationally changed her life. Cheri draws upon her nearly 32 years in both professional and lay Christian ministry in her writing, speaking, and teaching. Below you will also learn about a few of the other ways Cheri serves the Kingdom of God.

Cheri Cowell, Owner and Publisher of EABooks Publishing, is passionate about helping others see God’s Word come alive, and she is excited to expand that mission by helping fellow authors take advantage of the new publishing trends. Says, Cheri, “Whether your vision is e-books, print, or audiobooks, we can help you expand your reach with the message God gave you.” Cheri maintains a busy schedule teaching at Christian Writers’ Conferences. For a list of where you can meet or hear Cheri, or to learn about publishing your own books, visit

* Additional guest speaker will be: Jennifer Henn. 

* Cynthia L. Simmons will do coaching, 15 min for $10. This will take place after the event. Add your name to the list before the slots are all gone.

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